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ownerMichael McMaster
last changeMon, 22 Feb 2021 10:31:25 +0000 (20:31 +1000)
9 days ago Michael McMasterUse configured serial number in inquiry responses master
2020-10-27 Michael McMasterInitial support for cross-compiling scsi2sd-util6 with...
2020-10-24 Michael McMasterFix issue setting new Blind Writes config option
2020-10-12 Michael McMasterAdd new "blind write" option to increase write command... V6.3.2
2020-09-01 Michael McMasterIncrease limit of READ/WRITE BUFFER command for improve...
2020-04-19 Michael McMasterFix error in merging 2020 board files v6.3.1
2020-04-19 Michael McMasterFix hardware version checks for V6 revF and older boards
2020-04-19 Michael McMasterAdd hardware version checks, and embed version marker...
2020-02-16 Michael McMasterModify dfu-util to use the UsbDk driver via libusb. v6.3.0
2020-02-15 Michael McMasterFix regression preventing some machines from booting
2020-01-30 Michael McMasterFix for large writes and data corruption over 64k 6.2.15
2020-01-01 Michael McMaster64K Data Corruption fix v6.2.14
2019-12-24 Michael McMasterImprove sync transfer stability by measuring host speed...
2019-12-19 Michael McMasterFix invalid CDROM TOC responses (thanks Simon Gander)
2019-12-08 Michael McMasterUpdate release version v6.2.9
2019-11-19 Michael McMasterFix for VMS 5.5-2 for incorrect Inquiry command allocat...
4 months ago V6.3.2-2020 V6.3.2
4 months ago V6.3.2 V6.3.2
10 months ago v6.3.1 v6.3.1
10 months ago v6.3.1-2020 v6.3.1
12 months ago v6.3.0-2020 V6.3.0 for 2020c hardware
12 months ago v6.3.0 v6.3.0
13 months ago 6.2.15 6.2.15
14 months ago v6.2.14 v6.2.14
14 months ago v6.2.9 v6.2.9
16 months ago v6.2.8 v6.2.8
16 months ago v6.2.7 v6.2.7
21 months ago v6.2.5 v6.2.5 release
22 months ago v6.2.4 v6.2.4
22 months ago v6.2.3-beta Improved async noise model
2 years ago v6.2.1 v6.2.1 bugfix release
2 years ago v6.2.0 v6.2.0 release
41 hours ago 2020a
9 days ago master
2 months ago mutlidev