descriptionSCSI2SD, The SCSI Hard Drive Emulator for retro computing.
ownerMichael McMaster
last changeTue, 23 Jan 2018 10:20:55 +0000 (20:20 +1000)
2018-01-23 Michael McMasterFix Unit Serial Number inquiry page to return configure... master
2017-04-30 Michael McMasterUpdate to PSoC Creator 4.0 v4.7.1
2017-04-29 Michael McMasterUpdate changelog
2017-04-29 Michael McMasterFix crash when SD card is smaller than starting sector...
2017-04-24 Michael McMasterFix input of size fieds and CDROM sector length in...
2017-03-12 Michael McMasterAdding vendor specific (OMTI) commands v4.7
2017-03-12 Michael McMasterV4.7 release fixes
2016-08-01 Michael McMasterMore custom mode page fixes - fall-through to standard...
2016-01-19 Michael McMasterAllow custom VPD pages
2016-01-13 Michael McMasterSupport custom mode pages
2016-01-11 Michael McMasterv4.6 release v4.6
2016-01-07 Michael McMasterLots of bug fixes.
2015-12-07 Michael McMasterFix for using scsi2sd-util on Windows 10.
2015-11-13 Norman SchleicherFixed linking erro on Ubuntu 15.10
2015-11-05 Michael McMasterFinal tweaks for v4.5 v4.05.00
2015-11-01 Michael McMasterCompile fixes
9 months ago v4.7.1 Bug fix release
11 months ago v4.7 v4.7 maintenance release
2 years ago v4.6 v4.6 release
2 years ago v4.05.00 v4.5
2 years ago v4.04.00 - Added configuration option to...
2 years ago v4.03.00 v4.03.00 - Configurable geometry...
2 years ago v4.02.04 Version number clarification, and...
2 years ago v4.02.03 Critical bug fix release
2 years ago v4.02.02 Some compatibility improvements...
2 years ago v4.01.01 v4.01.01
3 years ago v4.01.00 V4.01.00
3 years ago v4.00.03 Stable release
3 years ago v4.00.01 Fix hotswap using microSD to SD...
3 years ago v4.00.00 v4.00.00 (BETA firmware + scsi2sd...
3 years ago v3.6-RC2 Allow parity checks to be disabled...
3 years ago v3.6-RC1 v3.6-RC1
4 weeks ago master
2 years ago mo
3 years ago scsi2sd-util