2014-12-18 Michael McMasterSuport for cross-compiling for Windows using mingw master origin/HEAD origin/master 1.0.4
2011-10-05 Michael McMasterFixed lintian errors v1.0.3
2011-10-04 Michael McMasterAdded android support.
2011-09-07 Michael McMasterFixed an issue in deflate that would cause corruption... v1.0.2
2011-05-29 Michael McMaster- Fixed source package version to match debian bug... deb-1.0.1-1
2011-05-29 Michael McMasterUpdated debian packing for initial upload to mentors...
2011-05-27 Michael McMasterAdded file modification time support. v1.0.1
2011-05-26 Michael McMasterCreated the zipper utility, and packaged the utility...
2011-05-21 Michael McMasterOops, missed a file v1.0.0
2011-05-21 Michael McMasterAdded the built artifacts
2011-05-21 Michael McMasterInitial release!
2011-05-20 Michael McMasterzip and gzip complete. Debian packaging in progress.
2011-05-19 Michael McMasterZIP Compression works!
2011-02-10 Michael McMasterUnzip works!