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ownerMichael McMaster
last changeThu, 27 May 2021 22:48:21 +0000 (08:48 +1000)
2021-05-27 Michael McMasterRemove the obsolete blind-writes config option master
2021-05-23 Michael McMasterImprove stability of fpga async mem interface v6.4.10
2021-05-21 Michael McMasterPrevent 16bits of data hanging around and confusing... v6.4.9
2021-05-21 Michael McMasterFixes for FMC interface corruption v6.4.8
2021-05-19 Michael McMasterDisable the FMC fifo until we have code that can detect... v6.4.7 v6.4.7
2021-05-18 Michael McMasterSimplify SD card busy waiting
2021-05-18 Michael McMasterFix up issues running on revF boards
2021-05-13 Michael McMasterDon't send SD Complete Transfer command for single... v6.4.6
2021-05-11 Michael McMasterImprove IRQ handler responsiveness v6.4.5
2021-05-08 Michael McMasterSlight write speed improvement v6.4.4
2021-05-08 Michael McMasterBump up the version number
2021-05-08 Michael McMasterSwap IRQ priorities of DMA and SD so the DMA has higher...
2021-05-08 Michael McMasterEnsure debug logs are triggered by a timer to catch...
2021-05-08 Michael McMasterImprove detection of 2021 boards and firmware updates...
2021-05-04 Michael McMasterUpdate changelog v6.4.3
2021-05-04 Michael McMasterFix scsi write issues
8 weeks ago v6.4.11 v6.4.11
2 months ago v6.4.10 v6.4.10
2 months ago v6.4.9 v6.4.9
2 months ago v6.4.8 v6.4.8
2 months ago v6.4.7 v6.4.7
2 months ago v6.4.6 v6.4.6
2 months ago v6.4.5
2 months ago v6.4.4 v6.4.4
2 months ago v6.4.3 v6.4.3
2 months ago v6.4.2 In-progress 6.4.2 release. Do not...
3 months ago v6.4.1
4 months ago v6.4.0 v6.4.0
9 months ago V6.3.2-2020 V6.3.2
9 months ago V6.3.2 V6.3.2
15 months ago v6.3.1 v6.3.1
15 months ago v6.3.1-2020 v6.3.1
8 weeks ago master
2 months ago v6.4.7
4 months ago 2020a
7 months ago mutlidev