Update 3.5" board revision to 4.2c.
[SCSI2SD.git] / hardware / gerber / scsi2sd.GBS
2014-11-25 Michael McMasterUpdate 3.5" board revision to 4.2c.
2014-08-31 Michael McMasterMerge PCB updates
2014-08-31 Michael McMasterRev 4.2b PCB - Replace obsolete 2.85V regulator with...
2014-06-23 Michael McMasterMerge Powerbook firmware updates
2014-06-22 Michael McMasterMerging exported gerbers
2014-06-22 Michael McMasterExporting gerber files
2013-10-09 Michael McMasterAdded support for standard ARM JTAG programmers, as...
2013-10-09 Michael McMasterModified gerbers to suit smart-prototyping.com naming...
2013-10-02 Michael McMasterCreating new repository to prune history.