Fix bug in using nor flash storage without SD
[SCSI2SD.git] / software / SCSI2SD / v5.2 /
2021-03-22 Michael McMasterFix bug in using nor flash storage without SD master
2021-03-18 Michael McMasterRemove unused method
2021-03-08 Michael McMasterImproved reliability when writing data to flash over USB
2021-03-07 Michael McMasterAdd v5.2 missing generated files norFlash
2021-01-31 Michael McMasterAdd SPI NOR Flash as a backend storage device
2021-01-31 Michael McMasterSPI Flash DMA support
2021-01-23 Michael McMasterCompile fixes for spi flash read/write
2021-01-20 Michael McMasterInvert logic of the nor flash HOLD pin
2021-01-09 Michael McMasterAdd SPI flash initialisation
2021-01-06 Michael McMasterFix up compilation issues
2020-12-14 Michael McMasterAdd second SPI master for 5.2 board
2020-10-12 Michael McMasterFix USB ID to identify V5.2 boards
2020-10-10 Michael McMasterAdd initial V5.2 board support