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This page describes how to format the SCSI2SD SD card for use with 68k Apple Macintosh hardware.


  • A Linux desktop with hfsutils and the Basilisk II emulator installed.
  • A SCSI controller in previously mentioned Linux desktop.
  • sg3_utils installed.
  • A working OS image installed in the emulator. I used System 7.5.3, which has been made freely available by Apple.


  1. Check that the SCSI2SD device was found by Linux, and determine the correct /dev/sg? device
$ sudo sg_map -i
/dev/sg0  /dev/sr0  HL-DT-ST  DVDRAM GH24NS70   GN01
/dev/sg1  /dev/sda  ATA       WDC WD20EFRX-68A  80.0
/dev/sg2  /dev/sdb  ATA       WDC WD20EFRX-68A  80.0
/dev/sg3  /dev/sdc  Generic   Storage Device    0.00
/dev/sg4  /dev/sdd  codesrc   SCSI2SD           2.0a

In the example above, /dev/sg4 is the correct device name. Get this wrong, and you may lose precious data.

  1. Allow all users full access to the device
$ sudo chmod 666 /dev/sg4
  1. Start the BasiliskII GUI, and type the sg device (/dev/sg4) in the SCSI tab for ID 0. Run the emulator.
  1. Follow the instructions at to patch Drive Setup to work with any drive. I've tested versions 1.5 and 1.7.3, and they both work equally well. The older Apple HD SC Setup fails due to errors from the MODE SELECT SCSI command.
  1. Run your patched copy of Drive Setup to initialise the disk. If Drive Setup complains about a hardware write-protected cartridge, use the menu options to rescan the SCSI bus.
  1. Shutdown Basilisk. Use the hfsutils hformat command to initialise the disk.
sudo hformat -l TestDisk /dev/sdd 1
  1. You can now run the System 7.5.3 installer within the emulator to install an OS onto the SCSI2SD disk.

Advanced Steps

The Apple Drive Setup utility creates a new Apple Partition Map with a 16Kb Driver Partition at block 64, and normally 1 or more HFS filesystem partitions. The Driver Partition contains a SCSI disk driver that is used by the Apple SCSI Manager to talk to the device.

Once you have the Driver Partition, it is possible to skip Drive Setup entirely. For convenience, I've extracted the partition contents for you.

To come: Using hfdisk to allow direct creation of the Apple Partition Map and HFS partitions using just a USB SD card reader. No SCSI Controller required. HFSFromScratch.