Hot Swap

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Hot Swap support allows the removal of SD cards while the SCSI2SD is powered up, so long as the card is not busy. ie. The LED must be off before the SD card is removed.

V3.0 SCSI2SD Modification

The original V3.0 (green) boards require a small modification before hot swap will work. The R11 pullup resitor on the SD CS signal must be removed.


  1. Remove the R11 resistor entirely, or
  2. Use a sharp hobby knife to cut through the PCB track.

Cut PCB track as marked in the picture below.


Test the modification works:

  1. Power the SCSI2SD board using a USB cable
  2. Insert an SD card. If hot swap is working, the LED should flash when the card is inserted.
  3. Remove the SD card, and repeat the above step several times.


These boards work without any modifications.