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SCSI2SD Hardware Modifications

The information listed here is a guide only. No liability is accepted for any damage that may result in relying on this information.

Supply Termination Power

The SCSI2SD V5.1 and V6 boards can be modified to supply termination power back to the SCSI cable.

SMD soldering solution

  1. The pins at JP201 needs to be shorted. It's designed for a standard 0.1" jumper, but you could just put a paperclip in those pin holes.
  2. Add a schottky diode to D205 (SOD-123 package). The diode needs to be rated for at least 1A continuous current
    • Try MBRX120LF-TP
    • Alternatively, desolder D203 and move it to D205.

Easy-soldering solution

  1. Use an axial schottky diode that supports at least 1A. eg. a 1N5817 diode.
  2. Solder the cathode lead (-) into the the JP201 pin hole closest to the power connector.
  3. Solder the anode lead (+) into the other JP201 hole.
  4. Short the two pads of D205 with a big blob of solder.