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Tagging a release

git commit -a

# Make a signed tag
git tag -s -u $(VERSION)

Hosting an existing GIT project

So, you've developed some software, made a release, and want to provide public read-only access to all the sources ?


  1. You've already used git to manage software on the host 'dev-host'. The git repository exists in ~/projects/mySoftware, with a corresponding ~/projects/mySoftware/.git directory.
  2. You have access to 'public-host', which is running apache.
  • On public-host, install the necessary packages
sudo apt-get install git-daemon-run gitweb
  • On public-host, clone the existing git repository
cd ~/projects
git clone ssh://dev-host/~/projects/mySoftware
  • On public-host, make the repository available. gitweb and the git daemon will look in /var/cache/git
cd /var/cache/git
sudo ln -s ~/projects/mySoftware/.git mySoftware.git
touch ~/projects/mySoftware/.git/git-daemon-export-ok
  • Edit the .git/description file on public-host. This description will be shown by gitweb. git does not sync this file from the cloned repository.