SCSI2SD V6 Compatibility

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This page documents the compatibility of the SCSI2SD V6 board.

  • May not work over DB25 cables. Such systems are usually limited to 1.5MB/s SCSI transfers. Use the V5 version instead.


Known Issues

  • V6 Boards sold before May 2017 may experience constant parity issues or inability to save data with certain SCSI hosts. This is resolved by replacing the chips at U106 and U108 with a 74AHC14. Customers experiencing this specific issue may contact the place of purchase to resolve the problem.

Compatible Systems

These systems have been tested or reported to work with the V6 card.

Computer Systems

  • Adaptec AHA2940
  • Amiga 3000
  • Apple LC475
  • Sega Katana Dev.Box Set 5.24 (HKT-0120) – Official development Kit for Sega Dreamcast.


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