libzipper 1.0.1
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
zipper::CompressedFileCompressedFile represents an entry within a compressed archive
zipper::CompressorCompressor creates a compressed archive from the supplied Reader objects. data
zipper::DecompressorDecompressor detects the compressed archive type of the data, and creates suitable CompressedFile instances to access the compressed data
zipper::ExceptionBase class for all exceptions thrown by libzipper
zipper::FileReaderFileReader is a file-based implementation of the Reader interface
zipper::FileWriterFileWrter is a file-based implementation of the Writer interface
zipper::FormatExceptionException thrown when the input data does not match the expected Container format
zipper::IOExceptionException thrown when a Reader or Writer instance is unable to satisfy an IO request due to an external error
zipper::ReaderReader supplies input data to the compression/decompression functions
zipper::UnsupportedExceptionException thrown when an operation is requested on a compressed archive that libzipper does not implement
zipper::WriterWriter accepts output data from the compression/decompression functions