libzipper 1.0.1
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zipper::Container Struct Reference

#include <zipper.hh>

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Public Types

enum  CapabilityBits {
  Compression = 1, Decompression = 2, EmbeddedFilenames = 4, Archive = 8,
  FileSize = 16

Public Attributes

ContainerFormat format
 Container Type
std::string mediaType
uint32_t capabilities
 Bitmask comprised of CapabilityBits enum values.

Detailed Description

Provides libzipper capability details for a compressed archive format.

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Definition at line 188 of file zipper.hh.

Member Enumeration Documentation

allows a bitmask to be specified with a combination of boolean flags.


Compression bit is set if the format is usable with Compressor.


Decompression bit is set if the format is usable with Decompressor


EmbeddedFilenames bit is set if CompressedFile::getPath() is supported


Archive bit is set if multiple compressed files may exist in a single container.


FileSize bit is set if the uncompressed size for each compressed file is recorded in the container.

Definition at line 192 of file zipper.hh.

Member Data Documentation

Container Internet Media Type (aka MIME type). eg. "application/zip"

Definition at line 219 of file zipper.hh.

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